Welcome to WhichMexican? the site where we will be building up reviews of Mexican Restaurants and Eateries around the world.


We launched this site a couple of years ago, doing a pilot project covering the 30 or so Mexican Restaurants in Barcelona and it was a great success. Now that great result is inspiring the launch of the WhichDirectory? brand and at the forefront of it, WhichMexican?!


One of the key points about the WhichDirectory project is that we aim to list ALL the places of relevance in a class. Too many directory sites out there list those places wh pay to be listed. Searching for Mexican Restaurants in Barcelona would bring up directory sites with just 3 or 4 places listed, most likely because they have paid. We would list all 30 of them.


We ourselves are Mexican food lovers. However that doesn't mean we would enjoy eating at any place which simply used the word Mexican and had a few bottles of tabasco in the kitchen. We've found out the hard way about the 'quality issues' at some of the branded Tex-Mex chains but we have also enjoyed learning about the autheticity of the small restaurants which enjoy making and serving great Mexican food.


Of course times change, especially in these 'challenging economic times' and its not impossible that a restaurant flagged as a "must try" location hasn't fallen on hard times, cut back on ingredients and switched chef. And if they've cut back on waiting staff should we complain or be sypathetic to the challenges they face? Either way our field reports and those of our followers can let us all decide if a place is worth checking out or not.


So, bookmark us, over the coming weeks we'll start relisting and revisiting all of the restaurants we can find and from there we can start getting reviews together.


Hasta pronto guey!